Michel Chevalier - La Presse. Articles extrants du Globe. Religion Saint-Simonienne - 1831

Michel Chevalier - La Presse. Articles extrants du Globe. Religion Saint-Simonienne - 1831
Histoire, Politique - Quantité : 1 - Livre

(Michel Chevalier): Religion Saint-Simonienne - La Presse.

Articles extrants du Globe.

Paris. Bureau du Globe. 1831. 28 pages. Original paperback.

Book block detached from cover, binding very slightly rubbed, good copy.

Stammhammer I, 219, 4; not at Barbier! Programme of the Saint-Simonists! Of the greatest rarity!

Early socialist Saint-Simonism was a school of thought and association which, after Saint Simon's death (1825), sought not only to systematise and disseminate his teachings, but also to develop them further with considerable changes.

Henri de Saint-Simon (actually Claude-Henri de Rouvroy, Comte de [Count of] Saint-Simon; * 17 October 1760 in Paris; † 19 May 1825 in Paris) was an important French sociological and philosophical author at the time of the Restoration. At 17, he joined the volunteer force with which the Marquis de Lafayette went to America to fight in the War of Independence against England on the side of the insurgents, who were also secretly supported materially by France. In 1789, like many liberal aristocrats, he initially sympathised with the revolution and adopted the civil name Claude Bonhomme. In 1794, however, during the Reign of Terror, he narrowly escaped the guillotine.

Eighteen years after the publication of Saint-Simon and Thierry's seminal pamphlet, the 24-year-old Michel Chevalier, who had become editor-in-chief of Le Globe, the newspaper acquired by the Saint-Simonists in 1831, sketched the outlines of a "Mediterranean system" as a precursor to a united Europe. Of all the Saint-Simonists, the mining engineer Michel Chevalier made perhaps the most impressive career, even though the graduate of the Ecole Poly technique and the Ecole des Mines was sentenced to one year's imprisonment in 1832 and had to serve a considerable part of it in the prison of Sainte-Pélagie In them he formulated the main features of Saint-Simonist industrial and peace policy.

Informations du lot
Nombre de livres
Histoire, Politique
Auteur/ Illustrateur
Michel Chevalier
Titre du livre
La Presse. Articles extrants du Globe. Religion Saint-Simonienne
Très bon état
Année de publication de l’ouvrage le plus ancien
1ère édition
Langue originale
Bureau du Globe
Couverture souple
Nombre de pages
19×12 cm
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