Statue spéciale de Naga Kanya - Bronze - Népal - Fin du XXe siècle

Statue spéciale de Naga Kanya - Bronze - Népal - Fin du XXe siècle
Bon état, voir la description - 27×18×13 cm

Nāga (Sanskrit: नाग) is the Sanskrit and Pali word for a class of supernatural creatures in Buddhism and Hinduism, which often have the appearance of a snake or dragon.
Outside of Buddhism and Hinduism, nagas are also considered to be mythical creatures.
Nagas originate from India and were brought to China and the Far East by Buddhism. This is how the naga influenced the Chinese dragon.
Sometimes nagas are half human and half snake.
The natural shape of a naga is that of a big snake.
In Hinduism and in the Jataka stories of Buddhism, the enormous Garuda birds are the biggest enemy of the nagas.
It is said that in Buddhism, the nagas are part of the Catummaharajika devas.
This is wrong however; in many places in Buddhist iconography the nagas are added as sub-characters behind, below or next to main characters.
Nagas often take up the function of guards.
In India, nagas guard the gates of sacred places.
They also often guard sacred relics of the Buddha or his disciples. Two classes of Nagas can be distinguished: land nagas and water nagas.

Heavy statue: 3,757 kg
Will be packaged with care and shipped by insured post.

Informations du lot
Statue spéciale de Naga Kanya
technique de lavage perdue
Fin du XXe siècle
Région/Pays d’origine
Bon état, voir la description
27×18×13 cm
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