BOL POUR CRÈMES BRANDIMARTE FIRENZE END 800 - Argent 800 - Brandimarte - Italie - Seconde moitié du XXe siècle

BOL POUR CRÈMES BRANDIMARTE FIRENZE END 800 - Argent 800 - Brandimarte - Italie - Seconde moitié du XXe siècle
Comme neuf, inutilisé - 657 g

Amazing bowl/centrepiece made by BRANDIMARTE, Florence, in silver 800, as per hallmark. From the late 19th century.Customized packaging and accurate shipping.

Silver net weight: 657 grams.
Bianca Guscelli, Brandimarte third generation, daughter of Stefano and nephew of Brandimarte Guscelli, aims to bring silverware items back to a daily use, revitalizing the people’s appreciation for the silver special beauty.

The Brandimarte silversmithing company was established in 1955 by Brandimarte Guscelli, and quickly knew an international success.

Brandimarte Guscelli employed workers, trained them and gave work to prisoners. The company, following the enlightened artisan flair of its founder, soon adopted two important innovative revolutions in the field of silverware. The first was a technical one: the development of a silver "hammering" technique, similar to that used by the gypsies to work copper items. The second innovation was the creation of silver items for a daily use, breaking the habit to see them only as luxury pieces to be displayed.

Brandimarte silvers are hand-crafted by a hundred of specialized artisans. After the sudden death of the founder, in 1994, the company passed down to his children, Stefano and Giada Guscelli.

Both keep on creating pieces following the traditional Florentine silversmithing.

New lines are created, and among them, there’s the "Wine Collection": decanter and glasses in sterling silver 925 to serve the successful wine sector in Italy and abroad. The use of silver is remarkable as it boasts organoleptic and antibacterial properties.

Brandimarte chiselled pieces continue to be appreciated all over the world, especially in Russia.

In December 2018, Bianca Guscelli opened the flagship store in the Florentine old town (via del Moro 92).
This store offers an emotional journey through the versatile use of the noble metal and aims to enhance the appreciation of the fine Brandimarte traditional craftsmanship.

Informations du lot
Argent 800
Période estimée
Seconde moitié du XXe siècle
Pays d’origine
Comme neuf, inutilisé
12×27×25 cm
657 g
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