Att Jacob Sang - Balluster 'Vrede en Vryheit nous donne Blyheit'att Jacob Sang - Verre au plomb

Att Jacob Sang - Balluster 'Vrede en Vryheit nous donne Blyheit'att Jacob Sang - Verre au plomb
Pays-Bas - 1752-1762

Possible maker: Jacob Sang, also known as Simon Jacob Sang, (circa 1720-1786) was an 18th-century Dutch glass engraver. Active in Amsterdam from 1752 to 1762, he engraved wine glasses, cups. His work can be found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the Art Institute of Chicago, the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag in The Hague, and the National Gallery of Victoria in Australia. One cup engraved by Sang was auctioned at Christie's for more than €20,000 in 2007 and another by Bonhams for £24,000 in 2008. Jacob Sang used this model ‘balluster’ (Newcastle Balluster) regularly for his work. The combination of the way of its beautiful engraving, the model glass that has been used and the Dutch text makes me very strongly suspect that this glass belongs to the master glass decorator Jacob Sang.

Newcastle glass is seen as the most refined English drinking glass by many collectors of 18th century glasses, because of its model and execution. The tear knob, other knobs, are particularly beautiful and refined. The contents of the conical chalice of these glasses meet the Georgian Standard and are of a nice size, especially the glasses whose chalice is shaped as a rounded funnel shape. The stem of these glasses is straight, the stem and the arched foot are marked with a knob. Large quantities of these glasses were exported to the Low Countries, where almost all of these glasses were engraved for the Dutch market, sometimes the glasses were decorated by the best glass engravers of the Netherlands, often by less talented glass engravers.

The glass: Depicted are a man and woman, enjoying their freedom. Also a pigeon is being released from the cage (Peace). Another item is the chest with the Dutch Lion depicted on it, the man leans nonchalantly with his elbow on this chest while he has a stick with a hat on top of it in his other hand, personally I think he playfully rotates the hat with the stick. Furthermore, there are floral motifs like grass, shrubs and trees, The glass is in a beautiful condition, but a chip in the edge of the top edge which is 1 centimetre wide. I have thought about having it restored in Amsterdam before selling it, with a famous restaurateur, but since not every buyer is served by a restoration on the top edge (or foot) I leave this to the buyer. If desired I can give an address where restoration can be done, you have to take in account an amount of around € 75 to €125.

For background information about the glass I have consulted the internet on various sites and also following glass encyclopedias:
-A Wine-Lover's Glasses by A.C. Hubbard, Jr. Collection pages 38 and 39
Glinsterend Glas, 1500 jaar Europese Glaskunst, page 224, 225, 228 and 229.
-Investing in Georgian Glass, Ward Lloyd. Barrie &Rockliff, The Cresset Press, page 51, 52, 55, 56, 57 and 58.

The glass will of course be very carefully packed for registered shipping.

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Balluster 'Vrede en Vryheit nous donne Blyheit'att Jacob Sang
Verre au plomb
Att Jacob Sang
Newcastle Balluster
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Bon état - quelques usures et tâches dues à l’âge
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