Netsuke (1) - Bois - signed Sho-gyoku 正玉 - Oni hiding under Shô-ki’s hat during setsu-bun - Japon - Période Edo (1600–1868)

Netsuke (1) - Bois - signed Sho-gyoku 正玉 - Oni hiding under Shô-ki’s hat during setsu-bun - Japon - Période Edo (1600–1868)
Très bon état, voir la description - 2×3×3.5 cm


The subject of this netsuke refers to a new year ceremony called “Oni yaraÏ”. This ceremony occurs during “setsu-bun”, the night when winter ends and spring starts. It is aimed at chasing malicious small devils from the house.

It is performed by a professional oni hunter called “yaku harai” who goes from house to house with a stick holding rings (the “shaku-jô), sometimes by the head of the family.

While wandering across the house uttering “oni wa soto, fuku wa ichi” (let the onis out, let happiness in), he throws around him grilled peas (“kuro-mamé”) and the most tenacious devils cannot resist this grapeshot and run out of the house.

The netsuke represents an oni hiding for protection under Shô-ki’s large straw hat (Shô-ki being the fiercest oni hunter, he is often associated to setsu-bun).

It is very nicely rendered, with the oni trying as a contortionist to disappear under the hat.

He holds the hat with his right hand, using his right arm to protect the back of his head, the lower part of his face hidden under his left leg.

Note the frightened expression of the visible eye under the bushy eye brows. Three grilled peas have reached the hat and are featured as small spheres of natural or green tinted ivory.

Natural himotoshi around the right foot on the underside. Signed Sho-Gyoku, carver of the Kansei period (end of 18th/ beginning of 19th centuries)


End of 18th century / Early 19th century- C.1800


signed Sho-gyoku 正玉


edo( Kansei according to Ueda Reikichi)


Good condition. Fine patina. One worn down chip to the front of the hat.

Informations du lot
Nombre total d’articles
Période Edo (1600–1868)
Région/Pays d’origine
signed Sho-gyoku 正玉
Titre de l’œuvre d’art
Oni hiding under Shô-ki’s hat during setsu-bun
Très bon état, voir la description
2×3×3.5 cm
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