Karin Bablok - Forme de vase - Céramique - Porcelaine - Hagebuttenrot - 2018 - Hagebuttenrot

Karin Bablok - Forme de vase - Céramique - Porcelaine - Hagebuttenrot - 2018 - Hagebuttenrot
Allemagne - Porcelaine - Glaçage basalte

Object: Vase shape
Artist: Karin Bablok (1964, Germany).
Title: Hagebuttenrot
Year: 2018
Technique: porcelain, basalt glazing
Signature: Karin Bablok
Condition: in good condition
Size: approx. 25 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm
Weight: about 1.5 kg

Porcelain is sensitive but also treacherous, says Hamburg-based ceramicist Karin Bablok (1964, Germany).
Porcelain wants to be cared for a treated well.
Both in turning and in drying and firing.
Bablok plays with it and if she wins, which is fortunately usually the case, then thin, transparent and extremely exciting objects are created.
Decorated on the outside and on the inside, it creates a two-level image that reveals itself in all its elegance when viewed from several angles.
Bablok connects the inside with the outside.

Inspired by the power of American abstract expressionist Franz Kline, the sculpture of Eduardo de Chillida, Action Painting, Minimalism and influences from Japanese and Korean culture, different approaches emerged, from geometric decoration to that of the free gesture.
The contrast of black Basalt glaze and the white and transparency of the porcelain is decisive and a constant in her work, although recently some colour has been carefully added.

In the last 20 years, Bablok has made thin, translucent and unique vase and cup shapes.
Clear shapes that carry powerful decoration.
It is beauty, charm and magic that characterise her work.

Karin Bablok's work has been acquired internationally and has won several awards.

Informations du lot
Forme de vase - Céramique - Porcelaine - Hagebuttenrot - 2018
Porcelaine - Glaçage basalte
Designer / Artiste
Karin Bablok
Modèle / Nom
Pays d’origine
Comme neuf, inutilisé
25×25×25 cm
1.5 kg
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