Escorpio, Bélier ... - Bracelet Topas bleu suisse en argent sterling 925. - 0×64×0 mm - 19 g

Escorpio, Bélier ... - Bracelet Topas bleu suisse en argent sterling 925. - 0×64×0 mm - 19 g

Escorpio, Aries ... - Swiss Blue Topas bracelet from 925 Sterling Silver.

Material: Sterling Silver 925 .
Gems: Swiss Blue Topas
Round, natural, faceted, heated, Blue
Size: 5 mm
Outer diameter: 64mm
Inner diameter: 56mm
Weight: 19 g

Blue Topaz is the perfect stone for Scorpio. For Scorpio men, blue topaz gives wisdom, and for Scorpio women it gives charm.
According to esotericists, blue topaz removes the evil eye and heals from obsession. At the same time, it helps to inspire others with desirable thoughts and moods. The stone is able to change the character of its owner - to make it softer, more benevolent, magnanimous, decent, honest and loyal.

In Indian yoga, blue topaz is recognized as a stone that activates the highest chakra Sahasrara - the Crown, Sacral, Crown chakra, which is the center of human perfection. In Indian practice, blue topaz was actively used in meditation to achieve enlightenment, an all-pervading vision, to connect with the Higher Mind.
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According to the famous Ayurveda practice, blue topaz gives a powerful impetus to the development of intellectual abilities, gives wisdom and intuition, relieves of far-fetched fears and ignites passion. According to experts, the stone has the most powerful influence on people who are mature, wise with experience, full-fledged developed personalities.
The stone inspires optimism, helps to achieve success in business and financial matters, gives joy in life. Its long-term contemplation allows one to feel serene peace, some kind of unearthly pacification, evokes a fireworks of positive emotions and pleasant associations. No wonder this mineral is recognized as a stone of enlightenment. It gets rid of anger, irritation, hatred. The crystal purity of blue topaz refreshes the energy, makes you feel blissful.
Blue topaz perfectly manifests its magical properties in any form - in earrings and rings, in pendants and brooches, framed in gold and silver.

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Forme minérale / Type météorite
Escorpio, Bélier ... - Bracelet Topas bleu suisse en argent sterling 925.
0×64×0 mm
19 g
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