Netsuke (1) - Ivoire d’éléphant - Gyoku-shi - Character manufacturing a drum - Japon - Période Meiji (1868–1912)

Netsuke (1) - Ivoire d’éléphant - Gyoku-shi - Character manufacturing a drum - Japon - Période Meiji (1868–1912)
Très bon état, voir la description - 3.9×3.2×2.5 cm


Very nice netsuke representing a seated man, smiling and working on a drum. He seems to be completing his work by fitting a rope handle to the drum.

He no longer needs his hammer, stuck under his right leg. The motive on the drum, a “Mitsu tomo-yé” , is very common in Japanese art.

It represents three (mitsu) large commas (tomo-yé) arranged in a circle. Here the arrangement is such that the commas are turning towards the right, making them “migi (right) -tomo-yé”.

As a consequence the motive is called “migi mitsu tomo-yé”.

According to the Ko-ji Hô-ten (see picture), this comma like shaped design was often found on the leather or metal device that ancient japanese archers were wearing on their left wrist.

This device was called the “tomo” hence the name tomo-yé (yé meaning drawing, figure,painting). It is widely accepted that the tomo-yé, specifically the mitsu tomo-yé is a very ancient symbol, from several centuries BC, and has been vey often used in the design of the “mon”, the heraldic coat-of-arms of Japanese families. A mitsu tomo-yé can almost always be found on the two sides of the large drums used for religious feasts.

The Netsuke is very well executed, nicely carved, well balanced and with a very lively smiling face for the character.

It is signed Gyoku-Shi on the under side, himotoshi on the back of the character.


Second half of 19th century






Very good condition.

Pre-convention ivory specimen.

Complies with CE Regulation 338-97 of 09 December 1996.

Specimen prior to June 1, 1947. Submitted according to the decree of May 4, 2017 to a prior declaration provided for in Article L. 412-1 code environment.

A physical expertise of the piece will be realized by an independent expert confirming that the piece was realized before 1947 and is well of the announced period.

This document will be given to the buyer after purchase, the document price is 50 euro and is included in the delivery costs.

For an exit of the EU, a CITES of re-export will be necessary, this one being at the charge of the future purchaser. The issuance of such a document is not automatic

The signature is deciphered for information only and regarding my study of the piece and my global knowledge.

Buyers are responsable for import regulation and restrictions of their own country

Informations du lot
Nombre total d’articles
Ivoire d’éléphant
Période Meiji (1868–1912)
Région/Pays d’origine
Titre de l’œuvre d’art
Character manufacturing a drum
Très bon état, voir la description
3.9×3.2×2.5 cm
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