XXL music box retro jukebox "Wurlitzer" ELTA 2753, with radio, tape deck and CD player, remote control in Western style, super!!

XXL music box retro jukebox "Wurlitzer" ELTA 2753, with radio, tape deck and CD player, remote control in Western style, super!!
Has had a general overhaul, and so is certified to be in perfect technical and visual condition

I am offering:
Nostalgia music box “jukebox” retro Wurlitzer with radio, tape and CD player, in perfect technical and visual condition!

The discontinued jukebox here was purchased new in its time, and became the centrepiece of the bar’s decor.
It is now an absolutely rarity, because it is no longer available commercially.
It is a perfect replica of the legendary “Wurlitzer” jukebox, though this design might well cost 20,000 Euros!
This nostalgia music box is one of the most beautiful jukeboxes currently on the world market.
The body of the jukebox is cathedral style, with a typical high rounded arch more or less forming the top.
Underneath, in an opening, are a mock turntable, an antique phonograph, and a book of song titles, all inviting you to play.
The piece as a whole is quite erotic when you turn on the multi-coloured lights and let the room be bathed in cosy warm lighting.
Underneath are 20 programming keys that control all the functions for the machine while visually displaying the “Wurlitzer” title selection buttons.
Next to this is the scale for the AM/FM radio illuminated with two lights is installed; it is well balanced and can be perfectly tuned to any station available within normal broadcasting range using a mechanical scale cable operation.
The antenna for FM reception is installed out of sight inside the machine.
The radio plays great, even in larger room volumes.
On either side of the radio dial are large square red buttons to turn on and off and control the lights on the front.
Below the centre of the dial are five harmoniously arranged black buttons, switches and controls. These are for volume, bass, treble, channel settings, and switching between the radio, CD changer, and cassette player.
Cassettes are fed into the slot in the real wooden housing on the right side of the player.
All parts are decorated in a chrome design.
The complete jukebox is in the typical cream colour with lighting surrounding the 50 Years, i.e. there is a rim around the entire perimeter of the housing, and a second smaller one reversed with the arch pointing downwards in the lower middle inside of the machine.
The chrome-coloured speaker grill is located here with the loudspeaker fabric trimmed vintage style, which is decorated with an illuminated eight-point yellow star on a red background.
Although the jukebox offers hi-fi quality, it can also be connected to other jukeboxes to provide high-end quality.
The jukebox is now traded among insiders not only as a nostalgic music device, but as an object of steadily increasing value.
Whether it will ever beat the "Wurlitzer" in price remains an open secret.
The device was tested before placing it at €120.00 by a local electrical retailer and the slightly defective CD player was fully repaired, so the jukebox is confirmed to be technically and visually in perfect condition.
Technical data:

CD/cassette player and FM/MW radio with nostalgic design
FM/MW reception
Juke box housing made of wood
Juke box has full lighting
Cassette recorder with metal deck (mounted unobtrusively on the side)
Built-in speakers, good sound volume as a result of the large housing
Can be connected to external speakers, (its own speakers can be turned off)
Separate controls for volume, treble and bass
Dimensions: 530 x 1020 x 260 (L x H x W in mm)
Weight: approx. 21.3 kg

This is primarily an offer for those who are able to pick it up themselves.
If shipped, rest assured that it will be packed with great effort.
If it is damaged anyway, the buyer has sole liability!

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Retro "Wurlitzer" Elta 2753 - Juke Box avec radio, radio Tt, cassette et lecteur CD
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