Erg Chech 002. Slice. Nouvel achondrite non groupé - 0.6 g

Erg Chech 002. Slice. Nouvel achondrite non groupé - 0.6 g
2020, Algérie

Erg Chech 002 was discovered in May 2020 in Algeria at coordinates 26.032°N, 1.611°W. Numerous stones containing distinctive large greenish crystals were found near Bir Ben Takoul, southern Algeria within the Erg Chech sand sea.

It has been classified as an ungrouped achondrite and has drawn much attention to scientists and collectors due to its weird-looking aspect. At the beginning many people thought it was not a meteorite but analysis has proven them wrong. Meteorite hunters in the area also noticed that it was an extremely rare type but they always knew it was a meteorite because the landscape is full of dunes and these were the only stones.

The stones lack fusion crust, and have an overall relatively coarse grained, tan and beige appearance with sporadic larger green, yellow-green and less commonly yellow-brown crystals. Some minor reddish-brown staining is evident in the groundmass regions. It has an unbrecciated igneous texture so it is evident it was formed in a relatively large body in the Solar System, probably destroyed by now.

In auction a slice of Erg Chech 002.
Weight is 0,612 grams.

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Informations du lot
Minéral principal / Nom météorite
Erg Chech 002. Slice.
Forme minérale / Type météorite
Nouvel achondrite non groupé
0.6 g
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Origine (pays)
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