XL Météorite Chondrite Complète Type H - 2.29 kg

XL Météorite Chondrite Complète Type H - 2.29 kg

Superb complete type H meteorite considering its iron content.

You can see regmaglypts on it. Regmaglypts are produced by air when they mould the hot surface of the meteorite.

You can also see the fusion crust caused by the high temperatures reached when entering the atmosphere; temperatures that reach 7000°C, and which is the reason why a protective thermic shield is built around spacecrafts.

At Expometeoritos, we take care of dissemination, talks, workshops, analyses, classification and exhibitions of meteorites.

We are members of:
.- IMCA (International Meteorite Collectors Association) #8187
.- Meteoritical Society
.- American Meteor Society

All our pieces are certified and, if the value of the piece is over €300, we also provide its chemical composition analysis, carried out in our facilities by X-ray spectrography.

Informations du lot
Forme minérale / Type météorite
XL Météorite Chondrite Complète Type H
Météorite complète de type H
2.29 kg
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