UREILITE Acondrite primitive EXTRÊMEMENT RARE avec microdiamants - 118 g

UREILITE Acondrite primitive EXTRÊMEMENT RARE avec microdiamants - 118 g
Sahara, Maroc

They are Primitive Acondritas. They are believed to come from F-type asteroids, which are asteroids of Carbonaceous origin and with abundant stratified glass, but they could also come from a single body generating this type of meteorite

They contain a big amount of carbon, which is expressed in the form of graphite or micro-diamonds. Which denotes a scenario of high pressure and temperature

Other studies say that ureilites are residues of unmelted material after being ejected from asteroids and are a mixture of carbonaceous chondrites and melted basaltic rocks

In 2018, a study of micro-diamond inclusions concluded that they could only have formed over a relatively long period of time at high pressures, suggesting that ureilites’ matrix body was a planetary embryo within the distance that exist between Mercury and Mars

Ureilites are one of the most fascinating and hard to find meteorites

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All our pieces are certified and we also deliver the analysis of the chemical composition if the value of the piece exceeds €300, carried out in our facilities by X-ray Spectrography.

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Acondrite primitive EXTRÊMEMENT RARE avec microdiamants
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118 g
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