SERICHO PALLASITA (KENYA, 2016) Collection minérale - 101.6 g - (2)

SERICHO PALLASITA (KENYA, 2016) Collection minérale - 101.6 g - (2)
Habaswein, Kenya



Kenya, Africa
Number of items: 2
Main mineral / Name of the meteorite: Sericho pallasite
Mineral form / Types of meteorites: Mineral collection
Supplement: unique shapes.
Weight: 42.60 + 59 grams
Total weight: 101.60 grams
Origin (region/city): Habaswein
Origin (country): Kenya
Main mineral / Name of the meteorite: Sericho - New Pallasite from Kenya-
Mineral form / Meteor types: unique shapes
Origin (region/city): Habaswein
Origin (country): Kenya
This pallasite was initially named Habaswein, after a neighbouring city where the first fragments had been found. Eventually, the meteorite was officially named Sericho, after the area in Kenya where the impact took place.
Pallasites are very scarce meteorites in which olivines are mixed in a metal matrix and
they account for only 1.7% of all known meteorites.
These come from the mantle of large asteroids.

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Forme minérale / Type météorite
Collection minérale
101.6 g
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