AGOUDAL MÉTALLIQUE MÉTALLIQUE. (Pièce complète + outil préhistorique d'Agoudal). MUSÉE. - 3860 g

AGOUDAL MÉTALLIQUE MÉTALLIQUE. (Pièce complète + outil préhistorique d'Agoudal). MUSÉE. - 3860 g
Atlas, Maroc

Agoudal iron meteorite, discovered in 2000 and classified as IIAB iron type.

History of the Agoudal meteorite:

Imilchil is a small city in Morocco. It lies at an altitude of 2,119 m. It is famous for the Betrothal Festival - Souk Aam or Agdoud N'Oulmghenni. This festival takes place once a year and it is then when the people from local tribes get married. Sometimes up to 40 people get married on this day. The history of the festival is like our own story of Romeo and Juliet. It is said that two people from different tribes fell in love with each other, but they were not allowed to marry. They cried sadly, and cried to death. As a result, their tears formed two lakes in the mountains. These are the Lakes Isli and Tislit.

The interesting fact about these lakes is that scientists now think that they were formed when a meteorite split into two parts, a fragment of 70 metres and another of 50 metres. These meteorites created a double-impact crater that subsequently formed the two teardrop-shaped lakes, in the vicinity of the village of Agoudal, the highest above sea level in Morocco.

In this lot we are offering a complete piece of Agoudal iron meteorite, of ideal size for collectors or for a museum, preserved in perfect condition. Besides, as a gift, we are including a prehistoric arrowhead found in the same mountains where these meteorites are found. Metal detectors of Agoudal meteor hunters sometimes bleep when they find buried some types of tools used by the first settlers of the Moroccan Atlas.

An excellent opportunity to add this wonder of the universe to your collection. A safe asset, also as an investment.

All our meteorites come with an IMCA (International Meteorite Collectors Association) certificate, so we guarantee for life the authenticity of all our meteorites. Buy with guarantees.

Regards and best wishes.


Informations du lot
Minéral principal / Nom météorite
Forme minérale / Type météorite
(Pièce complète + outil préhistorique d'Agoudal). MUSÉE.
3860 g
Origine (région / ville)
Origine (pays)
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