Belgique - Double action (DA) - Broche (Lefaucheux) - Revolver - 12mm cal

Belgique - Double action (DA) - Broche (Lefaucheux) - Revolver - 12mm cal
Très bon état - 1870 - Canon est rayé - Pas désactivé

Large Liège Lefaucheux revolver, 6 shot cylinder, 12 mm calibre with pin, round barrel, single and double action lock.

The weapon is in very good condition. Polished steel frame, cylinder and barrel. The sides of the body and the back of the grip are decorated with floral engravings and foliage. The sides of the cylinder are also finely engraved. Oxidation on the surface of the entire weapon, rare pockmarks. Grill walnut grip, some traces of hits but no cracks.

In double action, the trigger guides the system well but sometimes the hammer blocks, no simple functional action. Complete weapon with no missing piece. Powerful percussion, flawless trigger return spring. The extraction rod is functional as well as the loading gate. The cylinder chambers are very clean, the barrel has clear grooves but with some trace of oxidation. Complete disassembly is not a problem.

The cylinder is marked with 'ELG' inside an oval, marked by the Liège test bench between 1811 and 1893. A crowned 'V', mark of the controller used between 1853 and 1877, is also stamped on the cylinder and on the bottom of the barrel.

The weapon will be shipped disassembled in a carefully packed package with insurance for the amount of the sale.
Category D2 weapon.

Informations du lot
Pays de fabrication
Année de fabrication
Double action (DA)
Mécanisme de tir
Broche (Lefaucheux)
Type d’arme
12mm cal
Rayure du canon
Canon est rayé
Désactivation certifiée
Pas désactivé
Très bon état
Acier (inoxydable)
Canon / longueur de la lame
158 mm
Longueur totale
310. mm
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