Allemagne - Single Shot - Flintlock converted to percussion - Mousquet - 17 mm

Allemagne - Single Shot - Flintlock converted to percussion - Mousquet - 17 mm
Bon état - 1730 - Canon est lisse - Pas désactivé

This is a very beautifully carved Germanic Flintlock Jaeger musket circa 1720 to 1750 and converted to percussion circa 1830 (probably Dutch). The lock and octagonal to round barrel with front and rear sights are in good condition and of early Germanic design. The metal forming the drum along the edge contacting the lock has been nicely engraved and the inside of the lock is marked with a small crown. The mechanism is fully functional and the mainspring is strong with good catching between the sear and tumbler.

The oiled walnut stock is in good condition with a few minor scratches and dents associated with age, and has been beautifully carved with a Caribbean beach scene on the left side of the stock that begins with crashing waves, then a sandy beach along the cheekpiece (the golden hue of the walnut gives the appearance of sand) followed by a large palm like tree. The underside of the wrist around the rear end of the trigger guard final is adorned with a wild pig or boar with curly hair. The iron trigger guard is in the classic early Jaeger-style.

The shaped butplate is in iron, as are the ramrod thimbles, tailpipe and the ramrod. Both sling swivels are present.

Informations du lot
Pays de fabrication
Année de fabrication
Single Shot
Mécanisme de tir
Flintlock converted to percussion
Type d’arme
17 mm
Rayure du canon
Canon est lisse
Désactivation certifiée
Pas désactivé
Bon état
Canon / longueur de la lame
91.5 cm
Longueur totale
133 cm
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