Diamant - 0.80 ct - Brillant - D (incolore) - IF (pas d'inclusions), GD/VG/VG + VG/VG/GD | IGI

Diamant - 0.80 ct - Brillant - D (incolore) - IF (pas d'inclusions), GD/VG/VG + VG/VG/GD | IGI

Buying diamonds from Elbaz Diamonds means that you are buying directly from a certified diamond manufacturer.

-------- Diamond Report ---------
• Carat: 0.80 (0.40 + 0.40) ct
• Color Grade: D + D
• Clarity: Internally Flawless (IF) + Internally Flawless (IF)

Cut Grade: Good / Very Good
Polish: Very Good / Very Good
Symmetry: Very Good / Good
Fluorescence: None / Very Slight

Measurements: 4.51 x 4.59 x 2.98 + 4.69 x 4.71 x 2.91 mm

Diamonds sold with their original IGI laboratory certificates #380982574 and #375924906 .

---------- Shipping Information ----------

All our Diamonds come with 100% insurance policy and are delivered with FedEx.

The Import process is very simple as the shipping company does the entire import procedure. All the customer has to do is pay the VAT and customs clearance.

- Buyers from Belgium must be a registered diamond exchange member or a company owner registered in Belgium.

- France Buyers please note the increased cost for shipments. This cost includes the handling, delivery and broker fee which is required for importing diamonds to France. This is a specialized service provided by D2D VAL Express. This fee covers all costs except any applicable Import VAT.

------------ Why Buy From Us? -------------

We offer a wide range of GIA/IGI certified diamonds, from 0.20 carat up to 5 carats, from D – K color, IF to I1 clarities, a truly unique selection of uncompromising quality at unbeatable prices.

Feel free to contact us at elbazdiamonds@gmail.com for any question

Informations du lot
Poids total en carats
Forme / taille
Couleur blanche
D (incolore)
GD/VG/VG + VG/VG/GD | IGI, IF (pas d'inclusions)
Naturel (non traité)
Gravé(e) au laser
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