Grande Bretagne - Percussions - Tromblon

Grande Bretagne - Percussions - Tromblon
État raisonnable - Canon est lisse - Pas désactivé

The flintlock mechanism is made of walnut, iron pipe, corner piece, gun holder, trigger guard, attacker support and bronze bell mouth (this has been restored). Inscription on pipe and lock No. 201, also the sign of the TORRE (the last two letters are missing). An R can be seen on the plate. Output socks of 59 cm and a total of 94 cm. The Blunderbuss transformation appears to come from an English Brown Bess rifle, the barrel is trimmed and a flared piece was later placed, the tight finish seems to indicate that the change was made professionally. The shape of the cat's paw indicates that it was an English rifle from 1854. The shaft is made of iron and ends in a mushroom.

Informations du lot
Pays de fabrication
Grande Bretagne
Mécanisme de tir
Type d’arme
Rayure du canon
Canon est lisse
Désactivation certifiée
Pas désactivé
État raisonnable
Canon / longueur de la lame
59 cm
Longueur totale
94 cm
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