AAVV - Liturgia di San Giovanni Crisostomo - 1648

AAVV - Liturgia di San Giovanni Crisostomo - 1648
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Important coeval embossed sow leather binding. Richly decorated plates with concentric frames. Wooden boards and some signs of wear. Recently repaired endpapers. Pen marks. Pp. 684. The two hook clasps are present but not the closing straps. Title page and internal pages in two colors: red and black. Very firm binding and pale blue paper interior.

Missal. Here the letters acquired angular shapes under the influence of Latin Gothic script during the 12th century. Along with the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets it was used in until the 19th century, as evidenced by the unique materials of the Ivan Berčić collection.

Slavic Cyrillic books located in various regions differ by linguistic characteristics, a valuable material for the study of the history of Slavic languages. Various types of Cyrillic letters were developed on Slavic soil.
Source: Russian National Library that provides access to all books kept in the library's collections.

Old Church Slavonic or Old Slavonic, also known as Old Church Slavonic, Old Slavonic and (also: Old Bulgarian, Old Macedonian and Old Slovenian) was the first Slavic literary language. It is also referred to as Paleo-Slavic (Paleoslavic) or Paleo-Slavic (Paleoslavic), not to be confused with Proto-Slavic. It is often abbreviated OCS.

Historians attribute to 9th-century Byzantine missionaries Saints Cyril and Methodios the standardization of the language and its use in the translation of the Bible and other ecclesiastical texts in Ancient Greek as part of the Christianization of the Slavs. It is thought to have been based mainly on the dialect of 9th-century Byzantine Slavs living in the province of Thessalonica (in present-day Greece).

Old Church Slavonic played an important role in the history of Slavic languages and served as a basis and model for later church Slavonic traditions, and some Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic churches use this later church Slavonic as a liturgical language to this day.

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Liturgia di San Giovanni Crisostomo
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1ère édition
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Avec étui
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209×139 mm
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