Espagne - Acessório de munições - Sac pour poudre et munitions

Espagne - Acessório de munições - Sac pour poudre et munitions
Bon état - 1909

Lyadunka (German Ladung, from charged - to charge, literally "charger, chamber") - a box or special bag, from a set of equipment, designed for ammunition. Lyadunka was initially intended to store "potions" (gunpowder), then for small arms ammunition (carbine, blunderbuss, pistol, revolver), for gunners and rapid fire tubes. They wore it in on a shoulder strap and it was already spread in the 14th century.
It was made of metal for airtight storage of gunpowder, then leather for cartridges or rapid fire tubes.
In the military encyclopedia, 1911 - 1915, it is indicated that there are pockets in supply in the armed forces of Russia, Germany, France, England and Spain, and that in Russia, in addition to officers, the lower ranks of the cavalry also have it.
It was later used and it is used as an element of the military's full dress uniform.

Informations du lot
Pays de fabrication
Année de fabrication
Acessório de munições
Type d’arme
Sac pour poudre et munitions
Bon état
Canon / longueur de la lame
15.5 cm
Longueur totale
15.5 cm
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