Birthstone May - Emeraudes dans un collier en argent sterling 925 - 51×46×3 cm - 26 g

Birthstone May - Emeraudes dans un collier en argent sterling 925 - 51×46×3 cm - 26 g

Metaphysical properties of the Emerald Stone:

Emerald is a kind of beryl with a deep green colour. Has the same properties as Beryl plus its own properties.

Emerald is a stone of inspiration and endless patience. It gives life-affirming power and great integrity. Known as a stone that brings success in love, it bestows inner bliss and devotion. Able to strengthen feelings of togetherness, unconditional love and cooperation and promote friendship.

This stone has a harmonizing effect on all spheres of human life. Provides physical, emotional and mental balance.

Emerald eliminates negative energies, brings positive active changes to life, helps to stay collected in the practical aspects of life.

Strengthens paranormal abilities and "opens" clairvoyant, helps to obtain freedom on a mental level. Traditionally, it was assumed that the emerald is able to protect against witchcraft and gives the opportunity to foresee the future.

Emerald strengthens character and provides resilience to overcome everyday problems and failures. It helps with recovery and regeneration, is able to cure negative emotions. It encourages you to enjoy one hundred percent of life.

Emerald gives clarity of mind, improves memory, develops intelligence and discernment, and helps to make the "right choice" - the only possible choice. Gives access to "inner knowledge" and broadens the horizon. Reveals what wasn't realized before.

Emerald is extremely useful to improve mutual understanding within a group of people.

Emerald is believed to bring success in solving legal problems.

Healing properties of Emerald Stone:

Emerald stimulates early recovery from infectious diseases. Useful for sinusitis, lung disease, heart disease, rheumatism and diabetes. Improves vision and has a cleansing effect on the liver. It was believed to serve as a good antidote and to prevent seizures when worn in the neck.

Astrological sign: Taurus, Libra, Ram

Numerological vibrations: 4

Chakra: Manipura, Anahata

Metal 925 sterling silver (signed)
Length bracelet from 46 cm to 51 cm
Natural emerald 17 oval and 16 round
Weight in total: 27 grams
17 large oval stones 8 x 5 cm

16 extra round emeralds of 4 mm
Emerald top
Clarity: Transparent
Shines great
Not processed
Origin Brazil
Hardness 7.5 - 8.0

Emerald is known as the "stone of successful love". It brings
loyalty and ensures domestic happiness. It improves
unconditional love, unity and promotes friendship. .
partnerships and may indicate infidelity
Emerald allows you to come out of duality and ambivalence. It makes it easier to make decisions and make choices. It makes it possible to better observe the surrounding energies. It helps in observing these frequencies without any value judgment. It brings the liberation needed for the radiance of your power on a daily basis, in serenity. It allows you to give up intention, mind and judgment and to put down the energy of the heart.

Please note:
It is believed that certain gemstones and minerals have beneficial health and spiritual properties. Catawiki cannot guarantee or be held liable for these suggested attributes which have no scientific evidence and cannot be considered a substitute for traditional medical treatment.

Shipping: registered & insured

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Forme minérale / Type météorite
Birthstone May - Emeraudes dans un collier en argent sterling 925
51×46×3 cm
26 g
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