Boccaccio Giovanni - Il Decameron - 1594

Boccaccio Giovanni - Il Decameron - 1594
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Wonderful and very rare 16th-century edition by Messer Giovanni Boccaccio entitled
"Il Decamerone"
published in Venice (In Venetia) by Giorgio Angelieri in 1594.
4to (21.5 x 16 cm), full soft parchment binding with squares and raised bands on the smooth spine with handwritten title and author, punched edges, beautiful woodcut brand on the title page, friezes and drop caps engraved on wood on each opening and novella, pages: [24]+648 for a total of 672 pages.
Browning due to the type of paper used at the time, some frayed (such as pages from 151 to 158) or trimmed edges/corners, stains here and there, a few irrelevant tears, such as that on p. 265, without loss of text or on the white edges far from the text, bu otherwise a book in good condition.
With my owner’s stamp (see photos) at the beginning and end, without affecting the reading.
In particular, this edition was curated by Leonardo Salviati and dedicated to Jacopo Boncompagni, Duke of Sora, the result of a very thorough philological work, amply explained by the curator himself in the letter to readers.
Giovanni Boccaccio was an Italian writer and poet, one of the most important figures in the European literary scene of the fourteenth century who, together with Dante Alighieri and Francesco Petrarca, is part of the so-called "Three Crowns" of Italian literature.
His most famous work is the Decameron, a collection of novellas that in the following centuries was a decisive element for the Italian literary tradition, especially since in the 16th century Pietro Bembo elevated Boccaccio’s style as a model of Italian prose.
He is also remembered for being one of the forerunners of humanism.
Regarding the curator Leonardo Salviati, he was one of the main humanists who edited Boccaccio’s Decameron subjecting it in 1582 to censorship.
The initiative was therefore not of the Pope, let alone of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, but of Salviati himself, who, through his protector Jacopo Buoncompagni, urged the Roman Curia to ask for a new censorship of the Decameron.
The procedure widely used by Salviati in his purge is that of modification. He did not limit himself to cutting the text, he modified it and used side notes to openly act as a mediator between the text and the reader, to give a unique interpretation.
Salviati's modified novellas turn out to be 52, while those that remain intact 48. The new Decameron was released in August 1582 in Venice and had many other editions until the final and complete edition of 1594 for auction here.
Have a good auction.

Informations du lot
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Littérature, Ouvrages de référence
Auteur/ Illustrateur
Boccaccio Giovanni
Titre du livre
Il Decameron
Bon état
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Langue originale
Autre - voir description
Nombre de pages
215×160 mm
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