Épée, Katana - Acier - Bishu Osafune Sukesada - NBTHK Paper - 69,4 cm edge - Japon - datée 1559

Épée, Katana - Acier - Bishu Osafune Sukesada - NBTHK Paper - 69,4 cm edge - Japon - datée 1559
Très bon état, voir la description - 101×8×7 cm

High quality blade in fine sharp polish with splendid flamboyant Gunome-Notare-Choji hamon with fine Nie crystals and many nice activities, which also appears on the kissaki with high strong fine boshi with Nie, which is rarely seen and shows pure quality.

The forging grain is a nice dense Itame hada, well forged blade.

Tang is signed: 備州長船祐定  --- Bishu Osafune Sukesada  
and dated: 永禄五年八月日 --- Eiroku 5 nen 8 gatsu hi ( 1559 August on a lucky day )

Sukesada has become a synonym for the Osafune School though the founder was Mitsutada. It is regrettable that a deluge devastated the School in Osafune districts in Tensho era. Such is the way of the world that even the Osafune School, that prosperity and power had been unparalleled, perished in this way in the deluge. Old swords are all that is left to tell how once the swordsmiths lived. In this era the signed Bishu and not Bizen character refered to a high quality forged blade, also the dating suggest it was a custom order blade, but also quality is obvious.
There is 2 finely engraved paralel hi grove chanels, one deep ful length and a shorter thinner line, giving the blade a nice handling weight and balance,

The koshirae is also very good with fine condition old saya with thick urushi lacquer,silver plated habaki, the iron tsuba is extremely nice with dense decoration of inlayed leaves of gold or gold mixture (it did not get patinated so I believe it has high gold ratio, perhaps).
The tsuka is has quality rayskin, fine multicolor ito wrapping, thick fine quality dragon menukies.
The fuchi displays the great Tsunami waves, it is signed: 大森英昌 ----- Omori Hidemasa
The Omori school was famous in Edo period for their quality fittings, so it could be a valuable fitting.

Sword comes with NBTHK TOKUBETSU KICHYO (green paper) , so it is a higher grade class.
It also comes with copy of Japanese Registration card and fine sword bag.

Hard to find such quality long Katana from Koto era which signed and dated, NBTHK papered and in Edo koshirae, highly recommended collectors piece !

cutting edge: 69,4 cm
thickness: 6 mm
Width: 30 mm
whole sword length: 101 cm

Informations du lot
Épée, Katana
datée 1559
Région/Pays d’origine
Bishu Osafune Sukesada
Titre de l’œuvre d’art
NBTHK Paper - 69,4 cm edge
Très bon état, voir la description
101×8×7 cm
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