Claudio Galeno - De Medicamentorum Compositione - 1536

Claudio Galeno - De Medicamentorum Compositione - 1536
Chimie, Médicaments, cosmétiques - Quantité : 1 - Autre - voir description - Livre

Post-incunabulum. Fine Giuntina of 1536. It features Galen’s Pharmacopoeia, Recipes and Cosmetics.

Prestigious and very rare Giuntina edition of the famous galenic repertoire containing recipes for the creation of useful medicines in the most varied diseases and for the cosmetic care of the body and face.
Translated into this edition by the famous German physician and philologist Johann Guenther (1505-1574), the work is undoubtedly an authentic milestone in the history of drugs, their preparation and cosmetics. Fundamental. (See Camerini: Annali dei Giunti; Wellcome, Garrison-Morton, Guardasole: In margine alla tradizione a stampa del De Compositione Medicamentorum; Buzzi/Calà: Le Ricette Cosmetiche nelle enciclopedie mediche tardoantiche).

"During the 1530s the eminent printer Luca Antonio Giunta (1517-1537) decided to publish a complete edition of Galen's works in Latin so that doctors would no longer have to rely on writings from Greek and Arab sources. Montanus, who led the editorial work, chose many well-known authorities and scholars to help in the massive enterprise.

Parchment binding, green edges. Beautiful and elaborate typographic brand of the famous printers on the title page, restored on the bottom white margin. Sheets: 24 nn. - 207 [2] ss. (whole-sheet numbering). With Giunta’s woodcut on the title page. In excellent condition, good margins, crisp and clean pages.

Full title:
Claudii Galeni De Medicamentorum Compositione secundum locos. Libri decem nunc primum in lucem editi Ioanne Guinterio Andernaco interprete.
Venetiis, 1536 (in fine Venetiis, In Officina Lucaeantonii Iuntae Florentini, 1536 mense Iulio),

"There is no more illustrious name in the whole history of medicine than that of Galen. Written in Greek, this Galenic treasure reached the Western Latin world only through Arabic translations" (Hagelin). - Recipes, mostly taken from previous authorities such as Andromachus, Asclepiades, Pharmacion, Archigenes and others, are ordered from head to toe.

It deals with hair, head, ears and nose, eyes, face, teeth and mouth disorders. It continues along the body through the respiratory tract, stomach and liver, genitals, kidneys and bladder and ends with sciatica and feet gout.
Giunta’s editions of Galen are considered the most important together with those of Aldus, and together with those Froben they are considered the most readable.
Durling, Un censimento cronologico delle edizioni rinascimentali e delle traduzioni di Galeno 1536,9; Durling 1862; USTC 831429; Benvenuto I, 2564; see. DSB V, pp. 227-235; Garrison, Storia della medicina, pp. 116-117; Hagelin, Rare and important medical books, pp. 12-15; Eredi di Ippocrate 37.

Informations du lot
Nombre de livres
Chimie, Médicaments, cosmétiques
Auteur/ Illustrateur
Claudio Galeno
Titre du livre
De Medicamentorum Compositione
Bon état
Année de publication de l’ouvrage le plus ancien
Langue originale
Venetiis, In Officina Lucaeantonii Iuntae Florentini
Autre - voir description
Nombre de pages
201×132 mm
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