Modèle de cellule végétale 3D - Bois, Plastique

Modèle de cellule végétale 3D - Bois, Plastique
Allemagne - Seconde moitié du XXe siècle

3D Plant Cell Model. Sectional View with Hand Painted Details. Mounted on Wooden Base.

Made by Eisco Labs

This model depicts a three dimensional rendering of a greatly magnified, basic plant cell. Model highlights the basic cell structures, and is ideal for studying the structure and function of these various features.

The model is mounted on a wooden base for demonstration purposes. Key features are colored and numbered for comparison with the key that is included. This model provides a visually and kinesthetically effective method for studying the structure and function of the various structures of a plant cell.

Details identified: Cell Wall (with central lamella partially visible), Pit with Protoplasmic bridges (plasmodesma), Cytoplasm, Chloroplasts (chlorophyll bodies), Chloroplasts undergoing division, Cell nucleus with chromatin granules, Nuclear Corpuscle (nucleolus), Space filled with cell fluid (vacuoles) and Chondriosomes.

In very good condition, with just a few age-related scratches and stains. Please take a look at the many pictures provided to get a good sense of the item.

For educational demonstration, school teaching and student study

EISCO, founded in 1968, manufactures and supplies lab equipment for education and industry.

Shipping carrier: TNT Express
Est. delivery time: 3-4 days

Informations du lot
Modèle de cellule végétale 3D
Bois, Plastique
Période estimée
Seconde moitié du XXe siècle
Pays d’origine
Excellent état, à peine utilisé avec des signes minimes d'usure
6×14×30 cm
765 g
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