Gros poisson - Plaque gauge - Diplomystus dentatus

Gros poisson - Plaque gauge - Diplomystus dentatus
Eocene-Green River Formation (50 Mya) - Kemmerer, Wyoming-États-Unis

This large, unrestored, complete fossil fish measures 13.8 cm and is well centered on a 18.7 x 13 cm plate.
It spectacularly preserves its scales and fish bone.
100% natural fossil, my pieces are sandblasted clean, this is how we take out all the details and do not damage the most fragile parts.

Delivered with support. It will be packed very carefully and shipped with online tracking and insured.

*Diplomystus is an extinct genus of freshwater clupeomorphic fish, distantly related to the herrings, alewives and sardines that currently exist.

Informations du lot
Gros poisson
Plaque gauge
Nom scientifique
Diplomystus dentatus
Kemmerer, Wyoming-États-Unis
Période géologique
Eocene-Green River Formation (50 Mya)
Bon état
710 g
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