7 CHAKRAS. Bracelet en argent sterling 925 - 17.9 g

7 CHAKRAS. Bracelet en argent sterling 925 - 17.9 g

Beautiful Bracelet with the 7 chakras. Amethyst, lapis lazuli, turquoise, green quartz, tiger's eye, coralline, garnet set in sterling silver, handmade in Peru. Length: 20 cm

Because of the crystals own vibratory energy and being considered as living channels of wisdom, they are tools that can help and accompany in the processes of personal growth. In the application of minerals at therapeutic level the chakra system is usually used as a guide. Katrina Raphael, a pioneer in Gemmotherapy, proposes to place specific minerals in each area of the body associated with each chakra, with the intention of circulating the energy and applying the properties of each mineral in each area of the body.

Etymologically the concept of chakra comes from Sanskrit and means "wheel" or "disc of light". It belongs mainly to the Hindu, Yogi, Tantric and Chinese Eastern traditions, although, according to Cindy Dale, intercultural researcher on energy anatomy, many more associations have been studied between chakras and other ancient traditions, such as the African, the Egyptian, the Essenes, the Sufi and the Maya. According to these traditions, the chakras are energy centres that have the function of receiving, assimilating and transmitting vital energies.

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Bracelet en argent sterling 925
17.9 g
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