Grec antique mycénien - Bronzes marqués rares Strigil

Grec antique mycénien - Bronzes marqués rares Strigil
4e/3e eeuw v Chr

Beautiful and rare bronze Strigil !
What makes this Strigil extra special is that it
is with 2 stamps. (see photo 5)
Within one of these stamps are the letters " SOLI ".
This is probably referring to a Ancient Greek city in Cyprus, which was called SOLI.

The Strigil was a tool used
to scrape the dirt and sweat from the body before
one took a bath.
In Greek culture, the Strigil was mainly used by athletes, later in
Roman culture also by gladiators.

The length is 18.5 cm.
Length curved section is 7.5 cm.
The width is 1.5 cm.
The weight is 74 grams.
Material: bronze with green patina.
Condition: see the photos for your own impression.

the seller warrants that he has obtained this lot legally.
The object was purchased around 1987, from an old Spanish private collection
of Mr. DGM.

Shipping per registered post..

Important information:
For transportation within the European Union, no export license is required for this lot.
Because of the importance of this object, an export permit must be requested
as soon as it is to be shipped outside the European Union.
This should be done via the Heritage Inspection of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.
This can only be done after the sale and may take some time.

Informations du lot
Grec antique mycénien
- Bronzes marqués rares
Siècle/ Période
4e/3e eeuw v Chr
Bon état, voir la photo
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