Royaume-Uni - Adams - Adams - Assault - Percussions - Revolver - 36

Royaume-Uni - Adams - Adams - Assault - Percussions - Revolver - 36
Excellent - 1858 - Canon est lisse - Pas désactivé

a matching pair of Adams 36 cal double-action five-shot revolver. signed on the barrel by the retailer smith of London Birmingham proof marks to the cylinders hand engraved in an oak case with powder flask bullet mould tube oil bottle that also has cleaning brushes inside. plus lead balls turn screw ripple key these are in superb condition and fully functioning. Adams was the manager for the London arms manufacturers George & John Deane. On August 22, 1851, he was granted a British patent for a new revolver design.

The .36 Deane and Adams was a five-shot percussion (cap-and-ball) revolver with a spurless hammer and the first revolver with a solid frame. The revolver used a double-action-only system in which the external hammer could not be cocked by thumbing it back, like most other pistols of the era, but instead cocked itself when the trigger was pulled. This made it possible to fire the gun much more rapidly than contemporary single-action revolvers, such as the Colt, which had to be cocked before each shot.
Adams' revolver was shown at the Great Exhibition of 1851 and subsequently approved by the British Army's

Informations du lot
Pays de fabrication
Constructeur / fabricant
Type d’arme
Mécanisme de tir
Désactivation certifiée
Pas désactivé
Année de fabrication
Rayure du canon
Canon est lisse
Longueur totale
30 cm
Canon / longueur de la lame
11 cm
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