Rire Kookaburra - montage récent - Dacelo novaeguineae - 45×30×35 cm

Rire Kookaburra - montage récent - Dacelo novaeguineae - 45×30×35 cm
2020 - Allemagne - non-CITES species

Absolute great preparation in museum quality

freshly prepared

The kookaburra (Dacelo, borrowed from Wiradjuri) form a genus of birds within the family of the kingfishers (Alcedinidae).

This genus includes four species found in Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea.

The kookaburras are large, up to 48 cm long, predominantly brown-grey and whitish coloured birds.

They live in family communities in open forest areas, but also come to the parks of the cities. They hunt mice and other small animals, especially reptiles and snakes. The young animals help the parents to raise the next hatch, especially with rufous-bellied kookaburras. [1] As breeding assistants, they learn the breeding business and improve the siblings' chances of survival.

The call of the kookaburra (Dacelo novaeguineae), also known as "Laughing Jack". Audio file / audio sample sounds like loud, hysterical laughter. Due to its size, it is also formally referred to as Dacelo gigas.
The bird is in the best plumage condition

Informations du lot
Rire Kookaburra -
montage récent
Nom scientifique
Dacelo novaeguineae
Pertinence CITES
non-CITES species
45×30×35 cm
1 kg
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