Huppe fasciée - bel exemple mural - Upupa epops - 25×20×30 cm

Huppe fasciée - bel exemple mural - Upupa epops - 25×20×30 cm
2018 - Allemagne - non-CITES species

Hoopoe (Upupa epops)
About throttle wide, but significantly larger-looking bird (average 28 cm from beak to tail tip) is distinctive and widely known in Central Europe, although probably only very few people in the wild could observe him. Characteristically are the high-contrast black and white banded wings with clear yellow inclusions, the long, curved beak and the approximately five to six centimetres long erectile bonnet, which ends in black and white. The tail is black with a wide white bandage in the last third of the tail and a white drawing on the root of the tail. The rest of the body is rust brown-red. Characteristically is also the wavy, butterfly-like flight where the wide, deep fingered wings are almost closed after each flap. On several long, unbroken wing flaps there are some short, fluttering ones, so that the flight seems unstable and uneven. The sexes are very similar to each other; the females are slightly smaller and slightly more matte coloured. The constant nod is very noticeable during foraging and arousal situations.

No Cites necessary - from offspring!

Informations du lot
Huppe fasciée -
bel exemple mural
Nom scientifique
Upupa epops
Pertinence CITES
non-CITES species
25×20×30 cm
300 g
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