Bois fossile - 3300 g

Bois fossile - 3300 g

Petrified wood is a kind of fossil and has a broad spectrum of colours. This is due to variation in deposits of minerals, such as carbon. iron oxides, manganese and silica. Petrified wood is also called fossilized stone. If trees sink into the magma, lava or become flooded by an erupted volcano, the wood will die. When there is no air, the wood is infused with silica, quartz and extra minerals. This process leads to the petrification of wood with the different colours by the minerals in the soil. It is a phenomenon that has been happening for millions of years!

This fossil stone comes from Indonesia and has different colours by the manganese oxide, iron oxides and silica. The stone weighs 3.3 kilos, is 23 cm high, 11 cm wide and has a circumference of 31 cm.

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Minéral principal / Nom météorite
Bois fossile
3300 g
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