Belle collection avec des minéraux spéciaux - 90×45×35 mm - 843 g - (30)

Belle collection avec des minéraux spéciaux - 90×45×35 mm - 843 g - (30)
Dans le monde entier

Because of clearance this beautiful extensive collection of special minerals. They are not large minerals, but they are of high quality.
Desert Rose Cleveland County Oklahoma USA
Sand devil cluster Mexico
Wavellite Australia
Citrine cluster, burned amethyst, Brazil.
Bismuth China
Pyrite crystal Kosovo
White halite Tunisia
Dolomite chalcopyrite
Geode Morocco
Hematite crystal
Schaumburger diamond Germany
Pyrite crystal in matrix Italy
Agate disc Germany
Dioptase Tsumeb
Stibnite China
Wulfenite on barite, Morocco.
Cobalt calcite Zaire
Iridescent hematite Italy
Malachite Congo
Pyrite sphalerite quartz galena Peru
Crocoite in box Australia
Realgar in box China
Native copper Michigan USA
Fire opal Mexico
2 small geodes France
Smoky quartz France
A nice lot for a novice collector or an existing collector. The dimensions range from 1 to 9 cm, a total of 30 pieces.
The photos were taken outdoors.
Will be sent by registered mail.

Informations du lot
Nombre d’objets
Forme minérale / Type météorite
Belle collection avec des minéraux spéciaux
90×45×35 mm
843 g
Origine (pays)
Dans le monde entier
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