Manlio Arangino - Manlio Arangino - Bol

Manlio Arangino - Manlio Arangino - Bol
Italie - 2000 à aujourd'hui - Céramique

This work is the result of the union of raku art with modern art. The work is composed of refractory ceramic painted with iron oxides, silver nitrates, raku colours and ceramic glazes. The uniqueness of this art lies in the colours, which can never be replicated because they depend directly on the raku firing. In fact, in each firing, the colour reacts differently, therefore each creation is to be considered unique and unrepeatable.
In this work I wanted to include what I have always loved; I was born in a country house, where the most beautiful sights were the nature that surrounded me and at night, the starry sky. In this work, I wanted to bring back the sight that attracted me as a child, that of the infinite stars that shone unleashing in me that feeling of amazement, disbelief and ignorance before the reality of the universe
Manlio Arangino was born in 1973 in central Sardinia, where he lives and works
He graduated as a surveyor at the ‘Istituto tecnico statale per geometri e ragionieri Gino Zappa’
From 2004 to 2006 he attended training for wood and obsidian processing
From 2006 to 2009 he followed a training course with the ceramic master Manca, one of the greatest exponents of Raku ceramic art in Sardinia
From 2009 to now, he trained as a self-taught artist to create a new artistic current that combines Raku art with modern art
Publications: two in Sardinian newspapers, two in books, one entitled "Navigli di Milano Rasegna d'Arte 2016", one entitled "WORLD WIDE ART SHOW NEW YORK CITY 2017"
Collaboration with the art house "Sa Mitza De s'Arti Sarda", located in Terralba (OR) Sardinia, from 2015 to 2016
With the "Verosa" art house, located in Milan, from 2016 to 2017
With Elena Ferrari's art gallery "PassepARTout Gallery Unconventional", located in Milan, from 2018 to 2019
On 04/09/2016 Art Exhibition "Navigli di Milano Rassegna D'arte"
On 01/10/2016 art exhibition "THE ARTBOX.PROJECT Miami 1.0"
In 2017 Art exhibition "WORLD WIDE ART SHOW NEW YORK CITY", through the art gallery Flyer art Gallery of Rome
On 01/06/2017 art exhibition "THE ARTBOX.PROJECT Basel 1.0"
On 25/01/2018 art exhibition "THE ARTBOX.PROJECT New York 1.0
On 06/04/2018 art exhibition "MILANO ART & DESIGN WEEK", through the art gallery PassepARTout Gallery Unconventional
On 24/05/2019 art exhibition "ART SHOPPING CARROUSEL DU LOUVRE Paris" through the art gallery PassepARTout Gallery Unconventional

Informations du lot
Designer / Artiste
Manlio Arangino
Fabricant / Marque
Manlio Arangino
Période estimée
2000 à aujourd'hui
Pays d’origine
Comme neuf, inutilisé
15,5×5,2×15,5 cm
274 g
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