Leonor Fini - Leonor Fini at Galleria Iolas - Années 1960

Leonor Fini - Leonor Fini at Galleria Iolas - Années 1960
Affiche - Art - Italie

Exposition poster for Argentinian artist Leonor Fini at one of Alexander Iolas galeries.

As Fini had expositions at several of Iolas's galleries this poster could be used in several countries but this one was most likely used in Italy.

Based on Fini's known exposition list the poster will date from between 1966 and 1969.

Printed in Italy on heavy stock paper.

Height: 85 centimeters
Width: 49.4 centimeters


This poster has hung with pins.

There are pin holes in the 4 corners.

There are distinct horizontal lines in the poster from it having been rolled up tightly for decades.

These lines are expected to flatten out once tightly framed and / or backed on an archival board or linen.

Next there are small brown stains in the borders which we believe to be dried in foxing stains. Most of these are quite small: from pen point to about 5 millimeters. The Fini artwork seems to be not affected by this.

Lastly the paper has visually changed color over time to cream white. Where the pins used to be it can be seen the paper used to be whiter.

Informations du lot
Leonor Fini
Titre de l’affiche
Leonor Fini at Galleria Iolas
Années 1960
Pays d’origine
B+ (bon - petites imperfections)
85×49.2 cm
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