TECTITA -impact de METEORITE- 800 000 ans XXL - 173 g

TECTITA -impact de METEORITE- 800 000 ans XXL - 173 g
L'Indochine, Chine

Tektites (from Greek ‘tektos’, molten) are natural glass objects that were formed by the impact of large meteorites on the Earth’s surface. Tektites are the driest minerals known, with an average water content of 0.005%. This is very rare, since most of the craters where tektites formed were underwater before the impact. Also, partially melted zircon has been found inside some tektites. This, together with their water content, suggests that tektites formed under very high temperature and pressure conditions (similar to those necessary to form diamonds).

Indochinites, like the one in this lot,were formed by the impact of a large meteorite 800,000 years ago, according to the most recent studies. The impact was brutal, so molten material covered 10% of the Earth’s surface and indochinites have been found even in Antarctica.

The piece in this lot is of an enormous and incredible size; one of the largest ones that you will ever see. Do not miss this opportunity!

With IMCA Certificate of Authenticity (International Association of Meteorite Collectors).

Regards and good luck!


Informations du lot
Minéral principal / Nom météorite
Forme minérale / Type météorite
800 000 ans XXL
173 g
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