Sumérien rare Argile Tablette cunéiforme 42 mm x 49 mm - (1)

Sumérien rare Argile Tablette cunéiforme 42 mm x 49 mm - (1)
C. 2100 BC - Ur III period

Sumerian cuneiform clay tablet from the Ur III period, c.2100 B.C.

Sumerian cuneiform is known as the earliest writing system, developed from pictographs and other various symbols, which were used to represent livestock and trade goods onto clay tablets. Sumerian was spoken in the southern region of ancient Mesopotamia in Sumer.

Part of the cuneiform tablet has broken off the end otherwise clear text.

Size: 42mm x 49mm

The seller of this lot hereby guarantees that this object was obtained legally. Purchased by the current owner in the UK from London Art Market, pre 1992.

Important information.
The seller guarantees that he is entitled to ship this lot.
The seller will take care that any necessary permits will be arranged.
The seller will inform the buyer about this if this takes more than a few days.

Informations du lot
Sumérien rare
Nombre d’objets
Tablette cunéiforme 42 mm x 49 mm
Siècle/ Période
C. 2100 BC - Ur III period
Dommage, voir photo
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