Autoart Signature - 1:18 - Lancia Delta S4 1985 silver

Autoart Signature - 1:18 - Lancia Delta S4 1985 silver
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Delta S4. A name and an acronym that still today, after thirty years, causes excitement to rally enthusiasts, evoking the images of a “monster” with the colours of Martini Racing that runs with its 600 hp on a dirt road barely wider than the car itself, surrounded by two groups of people. The Delta S4 was the first Lancia racing car with four-wheel drive. It ran with an inline-four 1,759 cc engine boosted by a supercharger and a turbocharger. The car won at its first appearance at the RAC rally in 1985, with Toivonen - Wilson (followed by the S4 of Alen - Kivimaki). It seemed destined to become the queen of Group 4 and a “rally killer” like the Stratos, instead, the S4 was the car that ended the era of rally prototypes, after the terrible accident that caused the death of Toivonen and Cresto during the Tour de Corse in 1986. The Group 4 cars, considered too dangerous, were abolished and replaced by the Group N cars from the standard series.

The Delta S4 was not only a racing prototype: there was also a street version built in 200 units (necessary to obtain the type-approval) equipped with a twin charged engine with “only” 250 hp at 6,750 RPM.
AutoArt presented the S4 in several racing liveries long time ago and then offered to collectors also a die-cast street version with openable parts. All the grilles on the nose, on the bonnet and on the back are photo engraved and passing. Beautiful and finely worked radiator grill that reveals the water radiator with its electric fan and the oil cooler. The front and rear lights are very realistic. The doors can be opened, the rear window can be lifted, the rear bonnet opens and flips over completely. Curiously, the front bonnet (that in the real car can be completely opened, including the wings) is fixed: only the small service bonnet, that on the real car was used to take off the spare wheel without having to flip over the bonnet, can be opened. The doors are identical to those on the real vehicle: very thin with embedded door panels that are also a container and a handle to close the doors. The opening lever is a beautiful detail, hidden under the top edge of the door. Also the black door handles on the exterior are very nice. On the driver’s side there is a small fire extinguisher. On the right side there is the car identification plate. Quite finished car interior. The floor is covered with grey carpet. Well-made dashboard, steering wheel and instruments. Red fabric seat belts. The bonnet is quite heavy and can be completely opened: the solution to strengthen the small hinges with two leather straps inside the bonnet is very clever. When you open the bonnet, you can see the detailed suspension, the frame tubes and, in the foreground, the radiators of the heat exchangers, which partially hide the turbocharger turbine. In front of the radiators there is a small telescopic rod that holds the bonnet. The engine is covered by a removable surface, held in place by two small magnets. Once uncovered, the engine is well-finished and equipped with all the main cables. The whole model is quite realistic, also thanks to a precise use of colours. We can say that AutoArt did a great job. The model is, as usual, well finished and well painted, not fragile.

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Lancia Delta S4 1985 silver
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