Simon Willem Maris (1873-1935) - Portretschilderij

Simon Willem Maris (1873-1935) - Portretschilderij
Huile sur panneau - Signé à la main - 1919

Wonderful portrait painting Simon Willem Maris
Oil on a wooden panel.
In an excellent frame.
Dimensions work: 22 x 13 cm.
Dimensions frame 50 x 40 cm 8 cm deep light signs of wear.
A similar work is included in the collection of the Marishuis (see the last pictures).

Simon Willem Maris was born in The Hague in 1873 as the eldest son of the famous Hague School painter Willem Maris.  He received his first painting lessons in his father's studio. Just like his father, Simon Maris set out to capture the landscapes in the surroundings of The Hague and Rijswijk.

But Simon Willem Maris wanted to continue to develop and in 1892 he studied at the Academy of Arts in The Hague. After three years, he exchanged The Hague for Antwerp to continue his studies, entirely in the tradition of his family. His uncles, Jacob and Mathijs, had also studied at this academy in Antwerp. After his training, Simon Willem Maris lived in Paris for a while and traveled through Italy. In 1900 he returned to the Netherlands. Here, in addition to his landscapes, his first works with his most beloved subject were born: a mother with her child. Maris made a number of more study trips through Germany and France and eventually settled in Amsterdam.

In his studio in Amsterdam, Simon Maris painted models, often mothers who looked at their babies with endearing eyes. The background remained neutral so that the emphasis was placed on the intimacy of the scene. These paintings were very popular and were sold by art trade Buffa in Amsterdam. Through this sales channel, much of his work was bought by Americans.

Simon Willem Maris actively participated in Amsterdam's art life and had a lot of contact with other painters. With Piet Mondriaan and Arnold Marc Gorter, he set out to paint along the Gein River in Abcoude. During this time, his use of colour became lighter and sunnier, a clear change in style with the modest work of his father. In addition to these landscapes, portraits remained his favourite subject. After he married Cornelia den Breejen in 1908, she acted as a model many times, just like their children Mies and Thijs.

Simon Willem Maris soon had a lot of success with his portrait paintings and was called the portrait artist of Amsterdam. He was commissioned by renowned families and other authoritative persons. In the summers, Maris worked in Zandvoort. Topics such as mundane beach life, but also children on the beach and shell fishermen were created here.

In 1942, Arti et Amicitiae organized an overview exhibition in Amsterdam with work by Willem and Simon Maris.

Informations du lot
Simon Willem Maris (1873-1935)
Titre de l'œuvre d'art
Huile sur panneau
Signé à la main
En bon état
Vente avec cadre
Taille de l’image
22×13 cm
Dimensions totales
50×40×0 cm
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