Mammouth laineux - Squelette - Mammuthus primigenius - 330×145×515 cm

Mammouth laineux - Squelette - Mammuthus primigenius - 330×145×515 cm
Pleistocene, approximately 40.000 years old - Pays-Bas

A Complete Skeleton of a Male Mammoth.

Latin Name: Mammuthus primigenius
Excavation Site: North Sea Bed
Age: approximately 40.000 years old, Pleistocene
Length: (approx) 515cm / 202.8 inch
Height: (approx) 330cm / 129.9 inch
Width: (approx) 145cm / 57.1 inch

The skeleton consists of 185 different bones and skeletal parts.
All bones are of the same preservation and colour, all found in the same locality.
All bones are original; any restoration will not exceed 10%.
The tusks are not original but are perfect casts from the tusks of the “Jarkov Mammoth”.
In its final assembled position the skeleton will be approximately 5.15 metres long and 3.3 metres high. The maximum width will be about 1.45 metres at the pelvis.
The skeleton rebuild will be supervised by Dick Mol, a leading expert in the Mammoth field, ensuring a 100% scientifically correct result. This process, and obtaining all necessary Licenses, will take between 6 and 12 months.
The accompanying pictures show the skeleton of the male Woolly Mammoth we delivered in 2012 to the “Historyland Museum” in Hellevoetsluis, the Netherlands. The skeleton we have for sale will look very similar; casts of the tusks of the Jarkov Mammoth were also used in this case. The buyer will have the final say in the mounting of the skeleton.

The attached images show firstly the completed Historyland Mammoth, which illustrate how the articulated skeleton will look. Images Numbers 2 to 21 show the non-articulated bones and Tusks of the male Mammoth currently offered. Images 22 onwards illustrate the building process.

Buyer will be responsible for all shipping costs.
Final price to include Professional Team responsible for building at buyer’s location.
Mammoth currently located in the Netherlands.
An Export Licence will be required for any sale outside of the EU

Informations du lot
Mammouth laineux
Nom scientifique
Mammuthus primigenius
Période géologique
Pleistocene, approximately 40.000 years old
330×145×515 cm
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