Épée - Acier tamahagane - Dragon engraved Samurai Wakizashi Sword - Signed Nio Kiyosada - Japon - XVe siècle

Épée - Acier tamahagane - Dragon engraved Samurai Wakizashi Sword - Signed Nio Kiyosada - Japon - XVe siècle
Très bon état, voir la description - 67×5×3 cm

Fine looking healthy old Koto blade with rarely seen great curvature and shape.
It is in good sharp japanese polish, no flaw os scratch to mention, the Suguha hamon is good strong, the hada is very good and easy to see mixed pattern. Tip is healthy with strong boshi also.
There is finely engraved double grove on one side and a male dragon chasing a dragon ball horimono on the other side.

The tang is unshortened with double punched hole with good patination, mei reads: 二王清貞 Niō Kiyosada

There was only one smith under this name, he worked in 1440's in Suo province (his date sheet is in the last picture), je is a highly ranked quality Koto smith.

Blade comes in quality shirasaya with horn fittings, solid silver habaki and old japanese registration card.

cutting edge: 45.5 cm
thickness: 5.7 mm
Width: 26 mm
curvature: 17 mm
whole sword length: 67 cm

To the best of our knowledge we have tried to verify the signature, the signature of the sword is not guaranteed as there are no NBTHK or NTHK origami (certification paper) to go with the sword.

To be reasonably certain as to the maker of a specific sword, it is necessary to submit the sword for shinsa (judging) by one of the major Japanese sword study associations (NBTHK or NTHK). These organizations will judge the sword and issue appropriate papers (origami) attesting to the swords authenticity and/or historical importance.

The sale, purchase and possession of arms are subject to national laws and regulations. Please ensure that you are familiar with the laws and regulations of your country BEFORE placing a bid. The sale of weapons to persons under the age of 18 is prohibited. By placing a bid, you declare that you are 18 years of age or older and that you have verified that you are allowed to legally buy such items in your country.

Informations du lot
Acier tamahagane
XVe siècle
Région/Pays d’origine
Niō Kiyosada
Titre de l’œuvre d’art
Dragon engraved Samurai Wakizashi Sword - Signed Nio Kiyosada
Très bon état, voir la description
67×5×3 cm
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