Ángel Codinach Campllonch (Olot, 1922 - Gerona, 1995) - Paisaje urbano

Ángel Codinach Campllonch (Olot, 1922 - Gerona, 1995) - Paisaje urbano
Huile sur toile - Signé à la main - 1980 aprx

The frame presents some minor impact on the corners.

For four years he studied in Olot’s School of Fine Arts. There, he studied drawing and painting under the guidance of artists such as Melchor Domengue, Marti Casadevall, Pere Gussinyé and the sculptor Abel Ferrarons, among others.

At the beginning of the 1950s, he was part of the groups Cráter d’Art and Grup de Pintors d’Olot, created and directed by Josep Mir and Mas de Xeras, with Dr. Candi Agusti, etc. This group was composed of more than thirty plastic artists of different tendencies, who aspired to renew the traditional orientation of art in Olot. They did not disown of the glorious artistic past of the capital of the Garrotxas, but they thought that the lesson was already learnt.

The group was composed by different painters, such as Codinach himself, Rafael Griera, Joan Clapera i Maya, the late Frederic Comelles, Josep Mª Vayreda Canadell, Danés Jordi, etc. They were permanently installed in one corner of the bar “La casa del moro” and they regularly exhibited their works in the Principality. They exhibited their works in Barcelona, specifically in the years 1954 and 1956.

1954 was also the year in which Angel Codinach’s presentation took place. It was in the Sala Armengol, in his home city.

Later, he was a member of the group Pintors d’Olot, with Griera, Bataller, Corriols, Gomez and others. He exposed with them in different cities in the Catalan region, in Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao, at the beginning of the 1960s.

During the trips sponsored by the gallery Mundi Art in Barcelona, he visited different cities in Castilla y Leon, between 1971 and 1972. A hard working man, he does not conceive the presence of competitive elements in the world of art. He has never wanted to participate in contests at any moment of this career. Recently, he has been awarded with the Silver Medal by El Prat de Llobregat city council.

As has been observed by Lina Font, Angel Codinach is a landscape painter who, inserted in the post-impressionist conceptual currents, is characterized by his fingering agility, the fluidity of his impastos, a clear understanding and original approach to the subject. For his expressive language he uses a wide range of bright colours, harmonized with light nuances that he achieves by overlaying pigment.

His stature is known and recognized within the pictorial circle. He started to be relaunched by people who were enthusiastic about his work, who with an almost absolute dedication were able to introduce his works almost worldwide. Currently, in a discrete but continuous way, it is possible to admire our friend Angel’s work in thirty-five different countries. In such distant places of great cultural difference, which allows us to say that Angel Codinach is a world-renowned artist.

Informations du lot
Ángel Codinach Campllonch (Olot, 1922 - Gerona, 1995)
Titre de l'œuvre d'art
Paisaje urbano
1980 aprx
Huile sur toile
Signé à la main
En bon état
Cadre inclus
8 kg
Taille des images
55×70 cm
Dimensions totales
82×6×96 cm
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