Grec antique mycénien Terre cuite Tête de femme - 49×0×0 mm

Grec antique mycénien Terre cuite Tête de femme - 49×0×0 mm
4th - 1st Century BC - Europe du Sud

This terracotta Hellenistic head of a young woman shows a catching atmosphere.
Hellenistic kingship remained the dominant political form in the Greek East for nearly three centuries following the death of Alexander the Great. Royal families lived in splendid palaces with elaborate banquet halls and sumptuously decorated rooms and gardens. Hellenistic kings became prominent patrons of the arts, commissioning public works of architecture and sculpture, as well as private luxury items that demonstrated their wealth and taste.

Material: terracotta
Date: Classical Greek, Hellenistic, Late 4th - Early 1st Century B.C.
Origin: South Europe
Dimensions: height 4,9 cm
Condition: Good
Provenance: Old German collection before 1980

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Informations du lot
Grec antique mycénien
Terre cuite
Tête de femme
49×0×0 mm
Siècle/ Période
4th - 1st Century BC
Europe du Sud
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