Empire romain - Denarius - Antoninus Pius (AD 138-167) - Salus (RIC 304) - Argent

Empire romain - Denarius - Antoninus Pius (AD 138-167) - Salus (RIC 304) - Argent
TTB (Très Très Beau)

Antoninus Pius (AD 138-161) AR denarius, Rome struck AD 160.

Obv: ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P TR P XXIII - laureate head of Antoninus Pius right
Rev: SALVS AVG COS IIII - Salus standing facing, head left, feeding from patera serpent arising from altar at feet to left, and holding scepter.

References: RIC 304
Diameter: ~17x18mm
Weight: 3,32g
Colour: silver

This coin is guaranted to be authentic and the guarantee is for life. The coin comes with the guarantee.
I guarantee full money-back including buyer's fee, shipping costs if reputable authority (NGC or PCGS) disputes the authenticity of the coin. In that case i will cover the costs of the expertise up to a value 25 euros.

See the pictures for more details and correct impression

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Année / Période et Variation
- Antoninus Pius (AD 138-167) - Salus (RIC 304)
TTB (Très Très Beau)
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