Préhistorique, Paléolithique Silex biface patiné parfaitement conservé - (1)

Préhistorique, Paléolithique Silex biface patiné parfaitement conservé - (1)
80000-40000 v. Chr. - France


Fantastic patina

Fully intact

11 cm

Excellent hand axe from the early migrants from Africa

Discovery site and provenance: Terrasses de la Vienne / France
Collection Mr. Servaire, France

These tools were used for the longest period of time during human development (H. Erectus / Acheulean), they are very versatile and iconic.

The Acheulean is an archaeological culture of the old Stone Age, which is defined by the existence of hand axes.

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Informations du lot
Préhistorique, Paléolithique
Nombre d’objets
biface patiné parfaitement conservé
Siècle/ Période
80000-40000 v. Chr.
Bon état, voir la photo
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