Beau fossile de lis de mer - Sur Matrix - Scyphocrinus elegans - 267×171×23 mm

Beau fossile de lis de mer - Sur Matrix - Scyphocrinus elegans - 267×171×23 mm
Ordovicium (410 milj j) - Maroc

Beautiful and well-preserved example of an extinct genus of sea lily-likes, the Crinoids, with the name Scyphocrinus elegans. The details of the crinoids are very well visible. The dimensions of the crinoid are 24.8 x 12.3 cm. The total dimensions with the matrix included are 26.7 x 17.1 cm. Crinoids are no plants such as the name sea lily suggests. They are in fact animals that filter nutrients from the water with their flower like structures. These sea lilies are fossilised on the walls of horizontal caverns. To obtain these fossil searchers descend up to 20 meters deep in these caverns. With a power drill the plates are then drilled loose. Usually, the fossil plates are brought to the surface in parts. This specimen is complete. The fossil is treated with a preservative so that it remains in good condition. Very beautiful and decorative fossil.

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Informations du lot
Beau fossile de lis de mer
Sur Matrix
Nom scientifique
Scyphocrinus elegans
Période géologique
Ordovicium (410 milj j)
267×171×23 mm
2059 g
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