Préhistorique, Néolithique Pierre Hache en pierre polie à fines trous 18 cm

Préhistorique, Néolithique Pierre Hache en pierre polie à fines trous 18 cm
4500-3800 b.c. Early Neolithic - Danemark

Thin-butted polished stone axe.
Made in hard stone. -greenstone
Measure 18 cm.

Correspond to the flint type.
The greenstone was harder to work and make,
but the axes were more tough and did not break as easy as the flintaxes.

These are dating early neolithic.
Leadingtype for the first farmers. Not common.

No reserve

Notice the slimside are rounded.

no reserve

Divestment from my very large private collection.
I have acquired this object legally during more than 50 years of collection.
Bought legally from old Danish collections or during public auctions.
As usual with these old collector items, the xact place of finding is lost in time.

The Supplier warrants that he/she obtained this lot in a legal manner.
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Informations du lot
Préhistorique, Néolithique
Hache en pierre polie à fines trous 18 cm
Siècle/ Période
4500-3800 b.c. Early Neolithic
ding sur le bord, outre surface très lisse et vell préservée
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