George Rency - La Belgique et la Guerre - 1924

George Rency - La Belgique et la Guerre - 1924
Héraldique, Histoire, Histoire militaire, Militaria - Quantité : 4 - Livre

Complete set of four wonderful books about small Belgium in The Great War.
General information and dimensions (for each of the four volumes):
Lovely illustrated with framed colour images, numerous drawings, photos and maps. Large quarto format, bound in marvellously decorated bordeaux-red linen bindings with allegorical, embossed illustrations.

In good condition. Minimal wear on the extremes of the spine. Sturdy binding.

The four volumes contain (colour) illustrations provided with an ink frame on separate, coloured paper, some page-wide, large photos (landscapes) and otherwise numerous black and white photos and drawings, with or without maps.

Printer: J.-E. Goossens SA, Rue Habermann, 27 in Brussels.
Photo engravings: Photogravures des Ets Jean Malvaux, Brussels.
Binding: Maison A. Meersmans, Brussels.
Paper supplier: Maison E. Lalieux & G. Poncelet, Brussels.
Length: 32 cm.
Width: 25 cm.
It has a height of approx. 3.3 cm.

The combined net weight is approx. 10.25 kilograms.

Volume 1: Georges Rency - La Belgique et la Guerre, I.
La Vie Matérielle de la Belgique durant la Guerre Mondiale - Brussels, Henri Bertels, 1922 - First edition - 381 pp.

Volume 2: Joseph Cuvelier - La Belgique et la Guerre, II.
l'Invasion Allemande - Brussels, Henri Bertels, 1921 - First edition - 407 pp. Note: the last four pages have minor tears (see photo).
The title page has a handwritten dedication by the author for the commemoration of the passing of his mother on 18 December 1918.

Volume 3: M. Tasnier en R. Van Overstraeten - La Belgique et la Guerre, III, Les Opérations Militaires - Bruxelles, Henri Bertels, 1923 - First edition - 406 pp.

Volume 4: Alfred De Ridder - La Belgique et la Guerre, IV, Histoire Diplomatique 1914-1918 - Brussels, Henri Bertels, 1922 - First edition - 390 pp. The title page has a handwritten dedication by the author for the commemoration of his three cousins who fell in the Great war.

A total of 4.

Contents volume 1:
An account of the run-up, mobilization and the living conditions of the population and soldiers in Belgium in 1914 and after. Important are the food shortages, medical care, finances, press, youth and the Dutch aid for Belgium via the ‘Commissie voor Hulp in België’.
The Netherlands and especially the port of Rotterdam played a vital role in the food aid to Belgium. More than two chapters are dedicated to this phenomenon and illustrated with historical photos.
Author volume 1:
Georges Rency (Brussels 1875 - Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe 1951) was, amongst others, teacher at the ‘Koninklijk Atheneum en de Normaalschool’ in Brussels and besides that secretary-general of the Belgian writer’s society. (alias of Albert Stassart).
Weight: 2,522 grams.

Contents volume 2:
Overview of the German invasion per province throughout Belgium. The biggest achievements during the invasion are discussed per municipality.
Added are coloured, page-wide provincial maps supplied by the ‘Militair Cartografisch Instituut’. This concerns a series of wonderful, dated geographical documents from ca. 1920.
Author volume 2:
Joseph Cuvelier (Bilzen 1869 -Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe 1935) was, amongst others, ‘Algemeen Rijksarchivaris’ in Brussels from 1913 through 1935.
This author sat so to speak on the sources. Imported is the 'les dommages de guerre' (the war damage), an archive created by him.
The title page has a handwritten dedication by the author for the commemoration of the passing of his mother on 18 December 1918.
Weight: 2,606 grams.

Contents volume 3:
Overview of the military movements and battles around Liège, Antwerp and especially the Battle of the Yser, the trench war. At the end an overview of the ‘Year of Victory’.
The reader can follow the troop movements with the help of 24 coloured maps throughout the war. It is like a ‘war guide’.
Author volume 3: Lieutenant-Colonel Maurice, Albert Emile Tasnier, section head at the general staff of the army, also guest lecturer at the ‘Militaire School’ (War School) - Artillery major Raoul Van Overstraeten (1885-1977), Ordinance-officer of the King, also history teacher at the ‘Militaire School’.
Weight: 2,616 grams.

Contents volume 4:
Overview of the political and diplomatic actions and relations in the period 1914-1918, especially since Belgium’s independence in 1830 until the peace in 1918. Many maps, drawings and photo documents.
Author volume 4:
Alfred De Ridder (Louvain 1865 -Brussels 1933) was director-general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as deputy member of the Koninklijke Commissie voor Geschiedenis.
Weight: 2,484 grams.

At the dawn of the 100th anniversary of the Great War (2014), this lot is an excellent medium to better understand our recent history.

Informations du lot
Nombre de livres
Héraldique, Histoire, Histoire militaire, Militaria
Auteur/ Illustrateur
George Rency
Titre du livre
La Belgique et la Guerre
Bon état
Année de publication de l’ouvrage le plus ancien
1ère édition
Langue originale
Maison A. Meersmans, Bruxelles
Couverture rigide
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