Stèle - Grès - Surya stele - 13th century - Inde - Inde médiévale (1206–1526)

Stèle - Grès - Surya stele - 13th century - Inde - Inde médiévale (1206–1526)
Très bon état, voir la description - 26×14×5 cm


Surya (also known as Aditya) is the Hindu god of the Sun.

He is considered the creator of the universe and the source of all life.

He is the supreme soul who brings light and warmth to the world.

Each day he travels across the sky in his golden chariot pulled by seven horses and driven by red Aruna, a personification of Dawn.

The god’s most famous temple is at Konarak in Orissa, north-east India but he was worshipped across the Indian subcontinent. Still an important figure in Hinduism today, he is also a minor deity in Buddhism.

In this reprensentation surya is ornamented with the floral sign at the top with a flying Vidhyadhara.

The girdle which holds the deity's cloth tight round the waist is decorated with artistic hangings and a dagger is shown attached to the right side of the girdle.

The high foot wears which cover the legs of the god are partially visible.

The god wears a necklace, a sacred thread and ear rings and an artistically worked elongated head dress.

He holds two lotuses in his two hands which rise a little above his shoulders.

The bearded figure of Pingala is shown on the right side of the deity with pen and ink stand in his hands, the figure of Dandi stands to the left ( where head is missing ) with a sword in his right hand while his left hand rests on the staff.




Excellent condition considering the age of the piece. Some lacks or natural erosion of time for an authentic old piece.
See photos for the overall condition of the stele


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After belgium private collection


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Informations du lot
Inde médiévale (1206–1526)
Région/ Pays d’origine
Titre de l’œuvre d’art
Surya stele - 13th century
Très bon état, voir la description
26×14×5 cm
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