Égypte ancienne bronze amulette de jambes Ibis et Uraeus cobra (Toth) - 9×4×4 cm - (1)

Égypte ancienne bronze amulette de jambes Ibis et Uraeus cobra (Toth) - 9×4×4 cm - (1)
664 - 332 v. Chr. - Égypte

Thoth was the Egyptian god of the moon, magic, the calendar, the art of writing and wisdom. Thoths sacred animals are the ibis and baboon.

The association with the ibis is due to when the Nile overflows, the ibises return to Egypt, marking a period on the calendar. Also, writing pens were made of their feathers.

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the seller has had the object in possession since 2018.
Acquired from: Old English collection.
Collected before: 2000
The seller can demonstrate that the lot was obtained legally.

Important information:
for transportation within the EU, no export license is required for this lot.

Because of the importance of this object, an export license must be requested when shipped outside the European Union.
This should be done via the Heritage Inspection of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. This can only be done after the auction and may take some time.

Informations du lot
Égypte ancienne
Nombre d’objets
amulette de jambes Ibis et Uraeus cobra (Toth)
9×4×4 cm
Siècle/ Période
664 - 332 v. Chr.
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